Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Once Upon A Time There Was This Plan That Should Have Come Together But Then This Rabbit Hole Appeared

Older readers may remember hearing actor George Peppard say the following line during nearly every episode of the original A-team.

Politicians frequently plan. For example, a certain politician planned to become an attorney general candidate in South Dakota. He had a plan:
Haber’s plan the entire time was to get the Libertarian Party nomination. The convention will be in August in Sioux Falls. We hadn’t announced this because the details were still being worked out.
South Dakota's Libertarians certainly seem to want to make planning easy. David Montgomery reports,
"Our party always has been and always will be as flexible as we can to allow new people to join our party and participate,"[Party Chairperson] Reistroffer said. "We had no objection to people registering the day of. However, to be qualified to be nominated rested entirely on each candidate's own conscience as to whether they were qualified."
So, it appears all one has to do is register as a Libertarian, get a bunch of friends to register as Libertarians, and then get them to give up a Saturday in August. Oh yeah, if one wants these friends and family members to give up the Saturday, one should also pay the fee that allows them to participate in the convention.

Before going on to steps 2, 3, and 4, Most people would begin with step 1, especially if it's an easy step. Registering as Libertarian is relatively simple. All one needs to do is go to the county court house in the county where one resides and fill out a single sheet of paper. When I changed my registration, I filled out the form around 11 am and the Secretary of State's registration portal had the change later that day.

So, if one has a plan, a big plan, and everything is predicated on one simple task, how does this happen?
Two Libertarian candidates for statewide office could be booted off the ballot due to issues with party registration.
South Dakota Libertarian Party chair Emmett Reistroffer confirmed the report Wednesday, two days after the party submitted the results of its Saturday convention to Secretary of State Jason Gant.
At that Saturday convention, Chad Haber was nominated for attorney general and Ryan Gaddy was nominated for Public Utilities Commission. But the two men filled out the forms to register as Libertarians that morning -- which means the forms weren't filed with the county auditor until Monday.
I guess mistakes happen. It's not like the candidate's spouse ran for the United States Senate and then 24 hours after the primary was charged with election fraud. If something like a spouse getting arrested happened, a candidate would surely make sure that the plan involved having paperwork done correctly and turned in in a timely fashion. One would, of course be particularly careful if, the person investigating the spouse is "overzealous" and also happened to be the person one is trying to replace
Overzealous South Dakota Attorney General spared no expense in investigating Dr. Annette Bosworth for legitimate signatures of genuine supporters.
Oh, wait...Haber is Bosworth's husband? Ok. let's just take a page from Gordon Howie's playbook and blame it on RINOs.

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