Thursday, August 21, 2014

From Macabre To Ridiculous

I like guerilla theater more than most, but macabre performances of prose hould be left to junior high oral interpretation participants not candidates for governor and lieutenant-governor. Mike Myers and Lora Hubbel should have enough social awareness to know that publically re-enacting a death that has been ruled a suicide is beneath the offices they are seeking.

News of their performance provoked a nervous chuckle that often accompanies dark humor.  Marty Jackley produced the equivalent of a dark humor spit-take when he responded to Bob Mercer's suit to gain access to records surround Richard Benda's death with this sentence: "I chose the route of openness and have been nothing but criticized for that."

I don't know what Jackley's standard of openness is, but unless he's comparing himself to the Warren Commission, I doubt anyone would recognize what he's doing as open government.

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