Friday, August 15, 2014

Bob Ellis Apparently Supports Brad Ford's Equating The Misquoting Of The Bible With Properly Identifying Neo-Nazis

Let's review. Ford uses this chart.

The chart is immediately followed by this paragraph:
Yes, anything can be taken out of context–even the Bible–then twisted to mean something different.  Political spinsters make a living by hoodwinking the gullible on television.  One local “news” spot made the German “Immortals” marching for ethnic “identity” come across as a neo-Nazi demonstration. [Emphasis mine]
The German "Immortals" are neo-Nazis, so no facts are being twisted or taken out of context as the scriptures being cited obviously are.

In the comment section, however, Ellis supports Ford's RINO hunt without any mention of Ford's factual error and the false equivalency it perpetuates.

I'm fine with Ed Randazzo's snark in posts like this. The point is provocative. Ford's rarely are, and Ellis's support of those ramblings without pointing out the errors is as strange as U.S. Senate Candidate Gordon Howie giving Ford a platform without a disclaimer of any sort.

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