Sunday, August 24, 2014

About That ALS Challenge Thing

Warning: The following video contains images of me and one will actually hear my voice if one hits play

I was challenged by a young man named Nathan. We're tight, so I did the ALS ice bucket challenge. I will still donate some cash. Careful listeners who are not frightened by the image of me or by hearing my voice may note that I say that I will keep talking after the ice. I did, but Tom cut the camera for a second or two and I sounded angry when I really wasn't, so I haven't decided whether to upload that part.

What I said was that I wasn't going to challenge any South Dakota bloggers or fellow teachers. I hoped no classes or homerooms would challenge each other. The people with ALS need the money more than they need to see average folks pouring ice water on themselves.

I was also challenged by a former student named Lacey H. A couple of people told me about it. If one of you would be so kind as to contact her on the malware that is Facebook and send her this link, I'd appreciate it.

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