Sunday, June 29, 2014

Quotation Of The Day: Physicist Explains Why Governor Daugaard Is Wrong About Usefulness Of Philosophy

Sean Carroll concludes his post "Physicists Should Stop Saying Silly Things about Philosophy" with the following:
The point, I take it, is to understand how nature works. Part of that is knowing how to do calculations, but another part is asking deep questions about what it all means. That’s what got me interested in science, anyway. And part of that task is understanding the foundational aspects of our physical picture of the world, digging deeply into issues that go well beyond merely being able to calculate things. It’s a shame that so many physicists don’t see how good philosophy of science can contribute to this quest. The universe is much bigger than we are and stranger than we tend to imagine, and I for one welcome all the help we can get in trying to figure it out.
Governors should also stop saying silly things about philosophy. Those who wish to be reminded of Daugaard's condescending attitude toward philosophical inquiry should read this Madville Times post. An earlier quotation of the day illustrating Daugaard's lack of critical analysis is here.

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