Thursday, June 26, 2014

Is Bob Ellis The Love Child Of Darth Vader And Al Gore?

I ask because Ellis, the angriest man in the South Dakota blogosphere, favorably quotes interesting phrasing in his latest diatribe. It's not his conclusion:
As is always the case with liberals (in both parties), all the burden is on conservatives.  “Compromise” means “conservatives do what liberals want.” “Tolerance” means shut up and agree with liberals.” And “unity” means get behind the most liberal candidate available, regardless of party.
That's standard Ellis fare: "Liberals hate all that's good. Everyone who disagrees with me is a liberal because I am all that's good." Every time I read an Ellis column, I wonder what would happen if he were in a room with a dozen real liberals. I'm betting on spontaneous human combustion, but I digress.

The part of Ellis's post that prompted the question in the post's title was his use of this Steven Deace statement:
This will be a day long remembered. The day eyes were opened to the inconvenient truth . . . [italics in original]
It struck me as odd that a conservative crusader wouldn't recognize a quote from a Hollywood classic, conservatives believing Hollywood to be a liberal bastion of scum and villainy. It doesn't take a pop culture nerd to recognize that the first sentence was most famously uttered by Star Wars uber villian Darth Vader: "This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi, it will soon see the end of the Rebellion."

As to the second part, surely all true conservatives remember An Inconvenient Truth was the documentary about Al Gore and his efforts to make climate change a major policy issue.

Maybe, I went too far with the love child question. It would take some weird cloning to create a love child from Gore and Vader. It's just as likely that Ellis is a closet RINO. Hollywood and Gore sure sound liberal to me.

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