Sunday, June 8, 2014

I Am Going To Vote For Terry Winter

The preposition in the post's title is important. It's been a long time since I voted for someone.

In November, I will mark a box that indicates I chose Rick Weiland, Larry Pressler, or Gordon Howie to be South Dakota's next United States Senator. Whichever candidate I select, my vote likely will not be for him, It will be against Mike Rounds who created budgets that allowed his successor to decimate education funding in South Dakota and who will likely support every effort to increase the scope of the national security state.

I will also mark a box indicating support for Susan Wismer or Mike Myers. That vote will certainly be a vote against Dennis Daugaard, a smiling Machiavellian who will pursue policies that guarantee "the least of these" continue to get less.

To her credit, Kristi Noem has taken to issuing press releases on the evils of human trafficking, but her vapid mouthing of red meat talking points will leave me not choice but to vote against her by checking the box next to Corinna Robinson's name. (I confess that I fear Robinson, whom I once had high hopes for as a candidate, will prove herself to be so ineffectual on the campaign trail that I may not vote for either one.)

When I mark the box next to Terry Winter's name, I will be voting for Terry Winter for District 18 Representative for the South Dakota House of Representatives. This vote will not be against incumbent Mike Stevens or Jean Hunhoff who is seeking this state house seat while Bernie Hunhoff runs for the state senate.

Terry will bring an understanding of what all of the polices imposed by Pierre have done to the average classroom teacher. Most importantly, he will fight for those Rounds, Duagaard, and the rest of the state's power structure have ignored. He will bring a sharp intellect and well honed wit to floor debates. Terry will speak truth to power with the wisdom of and, if one can trust Hollywood, the physical features and voice of an Old Testament prophet.

I have few illusions. Mike Stevens will have a campaign that's better funded than Terry's, and Stevens has conservative bona fides that ensure him a large base. Jean Hunhoff is part of a family dynasty; she too will have more than enough financial support; further, any vulnerabilities she may have lie to her right flank, political ground Winter does not occupy. For all I know, this endorsement may cost him a vote or two, although by November, most will have forgotten the post.

I am a realist and know that, if elected, Terry will cast votes I disagree with. Thankfully, he marches in lockstep with no one. It will be refreshing to vote enthusiastically for someone rather than against the status quo. Besides,anyone who can make less cynical about the political process, deserves to be elected.

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