Friday, May 30, 2014

Has Anybody Else Noticed Some Republicans Are Getting A Little Testy Lately?

The first item for consideration is this Robert Skjonsberg tweet:

The next words after "pal" are usually "You wanna take this outside?" Since this is an online version of a prelude to a challenge, I'm guess that "taking it outside" will mean they'll move from Twitter to Facebook for the real fisticuffs. I am saddened by that possibility. Nothing is more fun than watching the equivalent of a drunk football player trying to hit the local smartass, but I have avoided Facebook religiously

Speaking of religon, there's this Reverend Steve Hickey effort to contain his exasperation.

First, this is what happens when parents political parties let their children United States Senate Candidates run with scissors hold press conferences and debates without adult supervision. Parents get angry and pastors tell people to start drinking. I am of an age that I remember pastors eschewing the recommending of drink to solve problems, and I grew up in a denomination that forbade alcohol, so Pastor Hickey's advice is a bit jarring. I was also of the belief that conservatives didn't want anyone telling the press what to write or how to write it, but I will not look for splinters while afflicted with a plank.

I also don't want anyone to stay unhappy for long. I think the following tweet is sardonic, so if morale is low, Republicans shouldn't schedule any meetings to fix it.


P&R said...

If Democrats had candidates like Nelson and Bosworth, they'd be a bit testy, too.

larry kurtz said...

We have engaged the enemy, Leo: Rounds and his cabal are conspiring to violate federal election norms with his three fake candidates, Ravnsborg, Bosworth and Rhoden.

We intend to hold the earth haters like PNR and those campaigns accountable.

Kal Lis said...

Cabal is an excellent word to describe SD's leadership. putting those folks on tilt may be the best way to have that cabal go the way of Rockefeller's Standard Oil, (I guess one needs to prod the Dems to get their fecal matter organized as well.)

However, I enjoy my discussions with PNR. Curmudgeonly conversations keep the synapses firing.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for June 3 and Stace and his conspiracy theory crazies will lose and blame everyone else and then march off to Howie land to lose there and continue to blame everyone else.

Yep everyone is against the great and wonderful Stace(very sarcasticly said), those who entered the race before and after--maybe if he gave them the kool aid his followers are drinking it would help.