Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The South Dakota Senate Candidates As Characters From Greek Mythology

Recently, David Montgomery mused about which Game of Thrones family each of the South Dakota Senate candidates would belong to. It's an exercise worthy of a minor meme, so I'll play along. Instead of Game of Thrones, I'll match them to characters from Greek mythology. So, in alphabetical order, here are the candidates and the mythological characters I believe they or their campaigns resemble.

Annette Bosworth: Medusa

Until last week, I would have matched Bosworth with Aphrodite, attractive but vapid. Bosworth's over-the-top response to the challenge to her nominating petitions revealed a core that has tusks for teeth, snakes for hair, and the desire to turn opposition to stone, so she seems to have more in common with the only mortal Gorgon than with the goddess of love, lust, and beauty.

Stace Nelson: Ares

Ares and Nelson both bluster a lot. The fact that Nelson served as a Marine seems to be a key component of his campaign, so the god of war fits.

Larry Pressler: Cronus

Cronus ruled the Titans and the universe until Zeus and Olympians took over. Pressler used to be a force, but time seems to have passed him by.

Jason Ravnsborg: Heracles

Heracles was a mortal performed a dozen great labors and then became a god upon his death. This campaign seems to be a labor Ravnsborg is undertaking with the hope of turning himself into an Olympian politician in the future.

Larry Rhoden: Pan

As a West River rancher, Rhoden seems a natural fit with the god of herds and flocks. Pan was noted for his scream which caused stampedes. Rhoden's supporters seem to waiting for him to find his voice and hope that he might cause a little panic.

Mike Rounds: Hades

Hades was the powerful god of the underworld and wealth. Rounds is the odds on favorite to win. Most of the his campaign seems focused on how much money he has raised or will raise. Hades was associated with death so some of the other Olympians avoided him because they thought he carried the smell of death with him. Rounds has some baggage from his term as governor that some contend has the taint of corruption.

Rick Weiland: Cassandra

Cassandra spoke the truth but was cursed so no one would believe her. Weildand speaks the truth as Democrats see it, but no one seems to believe him

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