Sunday, April 6, 2014

Don Knopp, Preppers, And Madonna: Another Belated Minor Musing

I often skim posts at; some of their tech stuff like rooting phones goes a bit beyond what I feel comfortable doing, but their posts help me understand what the young'uns are talking about. One of my favorite features is their weekly "what's in your go bag" show and tell. Lifehacker uses the term "go bag" in its broadest sense to indicate items necessary to get you through the day not necessarily items that you would need to survive an evacuation. They have also had an Every Day Carry (EDC) thread filled with shiny objects for the nerd in all of us.

A couple of weeks ago Lifehacker featured Scott Kelley's traditional go bag/bug out bag. I followed Kelley's  EDC link and a few links on his site and found discussions about carrying pocket knives tip up or tip down, AA flashlights with 300 lumen bulbs, and nuanced debate about urban prepping vs wilderness prepping. (Please don't tell Mrs. Plainsman that I've maxed out a credit card buying folding knives, flashlights, and tactical pens.)

Most of the preppers use military style acronyms BOB for bug out bag, INCH for I'm not coming home, and SHTF for fecal matter coming in contact with blades that spin to circulate the air. Those acronyms were running through my head when I read State Representative Don Knopp's treatise on blood moons and his belief that this phenomenon signals Christ's imminent return.

I'm not unsympathetic to preppers; I carry a "mom pouch" with assorted necessities to help me and young'uns deal with unexpected occurrences during debate trips. More importantly,  I'm fairly certain the economy is going to go south in major way in the next few years. I am concerned that young people in the United States carry $1 trillion in student debt. Combining financially stressed young folks with a depressed economy seems a recipe for major trouble, but I don't believe that I need to cache supplies in an undisclosed location to survive. In fact if I packed a bug out bag with all of the prepper recommended equipment, I'd probably die of a heart attack before I hiked three miles into the wilderness.

Likewise, I am not totally unsympathetic to Knopp's eschatology. As young'uns, my peers and I spent countless hours arguing--there wasn't enough warranting of our claims to consider the activity debating--whether there would be a pre-Tribulation, mid-Tribulation, and post-Tribulation rapture. We were astute enough to know the word rapture is not found in the Bible. We didn't know and didn't have the internet to do a quick search to discover the doctrine that is less than 200 years old.

I do have significant concerns when Knopp's theology is based in part on Kaduri, a Jewish mystic who practiced Kabbalah, the faith cultural icon Madonna may or may not still practice. I also have problems with Knopp's confusing correlation with causation when he lists the SHTF events allegedly associated with blood moons. If Knopp's goal was to make me think about the need to deepen my faith, he failed. All he made me want to do is search Amazon to price highly recommended EDC knives and watch Madonna's "Like a Prayer" video.

Madonna - Like a Prayer (Music Video) from Mary Lambert, Director on Vimeo.

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