Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What Headlines Will Bosworth's Campaign Receive In Traditional Media?

Messrs. Montgomery, Heidlebeger, and Powers have all illustrated that the Bosworth campaign bears a stronger resemblance to the film The Grifters than it does to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

The open question about her "interesting" finance report is whether it will affect the other Republican candidates. That answer will depend on the KELO, Argus, and Journal headlines. If the headlines read "Bosworth Raises $350,000," then candidates Nelson, Rhoden,  and Rounds need to worry. The total, even if it's been spent, will make Bosworth appear to be a legitimate candidate and the boys will have to start raising cash fast. 

If the headlines read "Bosworth Campaign Broke," Rounds can relax while Rhoden and Nelson fight over who will come in a distant second. 

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