Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sibby Provides Me With A Reason To Vote For Larry Pressler

I love teaching mythology. The young'uns appreciate the stories. They also appreciate the fact that myths or the remnants of myths surround them. For example Goodyear uses of Hermes' winged sandal in the company's logo. 

The snark beginnth now. That said, the myths remain buried in ancient history until yesterday when Steve Sibson elucidated a glorious possibility:
More on the Germanic Neopagans:
Germanic neopaganism, also known as Heathenism,ÁsatrúOdinismForn SiðrWotanismTheodism, and other names, is the contemporary revival of historical polytheisticGermanic paganism. Precursor movements appeared in the early 20th century in Germany and Austria, and a second wave of revival began in the United States, Great Britain, Iceland, Australia, and other places in the late 1960s. Dedicated to the ancient gods and goddesses of the North, the focus of Germanic neopagans varies considerably, from strictly historical polytheisticreconstructionism to syncretist(eclectic), Jungianoccult or mysticist approaches. Germanic neopagan organizations cover a wide spectrum of belief and ideals.
Now we should understand the pagan source of the 1960s New Age movement. Now we have Larry Pressler ....
If Sibby is correct and Larry Pressler is indeed a Germanic neopagan, he may eschew being sworn in on the Bible. We've already had a Muslim United States Congressman sworn in on a Koran; Pressler could find true neopagan symbols such as a branch of Yggdrasil or a representation of Mjolnir to swear on.

If Pressler confirms he is indeed a neopagan and indicates that he will use Mjolnir as part of his swearing-in ceremony, he has my vote. The sight of Thor's war hammer in the United Senate chamber would be a sight to gladden the heart of any mythology teacher even if Ragnarok is sure to follow

Herein endth the snark.


Steve Sibson said...

Too bad political activist can't have constructive discussions now a days.

Kal Lis said...

I thought you did good work here

You did a pretty good job here too.

Have to call the Pressler post like I see it.

Steve Sibson said...

Kal, the Pressler post explains why we have governors railroading national standards that are enforced by education secretaries bullying parents.