Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is Rounds Beginning A Campaign For Junior High Student Council President?

Let's get two things straight off the top. First, I can foresee few instances that will allow me to vote for Mike Rounds. Second, South Dakota Legislators should debate and pass or defeat legislation that can become law not resolutions that have no practical effect.

Until yesterday, I thought Rounds voters could justify their vote for Smiling Mike because he is a slick politician. In fact, one might have argued that he is slick enough to play the Washington game like a Washington insider. Were he to use that skill to benefit South Dakota, a highly questionable but not totally unbelievable hypothesis, a South Dakotan could vote for Rounds and still sleep at night.

Yesterday, the Rounds camp showed that they are confused what office they're running for. Tim Rounds and Brian Gosch's procedural moves with Stace Nelson's "Let's Praise Ron Paul Because I Like Him Alot Resolution" is far closer to political games played by junior high school student councils than the political games played by politicians seeking to elect someone to the United States Senate.

Using a blood relative play "Poke the Stace And Get Him Mad" because it's so much fun is a bush league move. Are you all going to get together to see if you can make him cry when you walk home from school too?

I've got no reason to vote for Nelson, but there's one less reason to think about voting for Rounds. If one is going to build the campaign on one's ability to be a polished, competent insider and by extension paint one's most vocal opponent as an inept, loud bumbler, the one should have surrogates who don't play junior high politics.


Rep. Stace Nelson said...

Folks need to look at the historic use of Resolutions to understand their worth. The Declaration of Independence came from a resolution.. Honor & commemoration resolutions, like the one we brought for Ron Paul, Star Spangled Banner 200th Anniversary, etc., are customary in both state & our US Congress.

The real question is, do they take up valuable time of the legislature that could be used for doing something else? The answer to that is a big "NO!"

Today we will gavel in and gavel out after less than half an hour. We do so repeatedly throughout the session. We are NOT overworked in Pierre by a long shot. The push here is closed meetings, curtailing public debates on serious issues, deciding issues as much as possible outside of the public eye.

Resolutions on issues are away to build consensus and action on major issues, just like the resolution that gave birth to our nation and invoked the drafting of the Declaration of Independence.

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't know what Tim/Brian did as you don't say but don't let two separate people be confused for another (Rounds). And let's face it, Nelson has done enough poking and taken cheap shots of his own during this campaign - lots. Don't dish it out if you can't take it in.

M Larson said...

I think there needs to be some limit on the resolutions that are being thrown around in Pierre lately. It is a waste of time for the most part.