Monday, February 17, 2014

Do South Dakota Republicans Really Want Someone To "Care For" Them?

Via Dakota War College, I see that Annette Bosworth has put out a campaign video that is as confused as her finances.

Let's ignore the Freudian undertones of an attractive woman in white lab coat offering to "care for you" and focus on the politics.

Bosworth, Larry Rhoden, and Stace Nelson are all attempting to position themselves to the right of front runner former Governor Mike Rounds. To be fair, that's the only viable strategy any of them have. The South Dakota Republican party has no primary voters to Rounds's left.

That fact makes this commercial odd. One would think sending someone to Washington to "take care of" South Dakotans would strike Republicans as nanny statism. Perhaps, the few holdouts who still yearn for the George W. Bush administration would see "compassionate conservatism." Neither philosophy seems to be something South Dakota's Republican base is clamoring to hear.

Maybe the tea party and libertarians have grown old and soft, but being taken care of by someone in Washington doesn't seem to make one think of the rugged individualism that South Dakotans claim to possess. If this year's legislative measures are any indication of how South Dakotans want to be taken "care of", all South Dakotans want are few more guns to carry into every building in the state.

Having someone in the U. S. Senate to "care for you" should have been a Rick Wieland tag line. Rounds, Rhoden, or Nelson should have no trouble using this ad to show libertarians and tea party members that Bosworth has no political core philosophy. Then all they have to do is overcome the voters' Freudian impulses.

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caheidelberger said...

Your keen observation shows how Annette Bosworth is a fake Republican. She hasn't really internalized the conservative principles she espouses with her ceaseless Facebook memes. It doesn't even occur to her that language like what she uses above doesn't square with the ideology in which she is cloaking her aspirations.