Sunday, January 26, 2014

I Provide Conservatives With An Advertisement To Use If Secretary Of Education Becomes An Elected Position

Like Cory, I support Jim Bolin's proposed legislation to make the Secretary of Education an elective position. Cory's unabashed optimism shows through when he writes:
More lines on the ballot, more people to vote for, more public officials required to lead public conversations and win the mandate of the people—yes, yes, yes!
Cory, however, overlooks one predictable element of the public conversation that will be cringeworthy, the political ads.

In an effort to save my conservative friends time and money, allow me to provide the template for every commercial spot your candidates will run should this legislation become law in South Dakota.

I think I've hit everything: intimidating teacher stereotype, vulnerable student, liberals bad, conservatives good, and chalkboard nostalgia. Heck, I even have the flag in the opening frame. What more will a staunch conservative want?

Snark aside, South Dakota should have more elected positions. Making the secretary of education one of those positions is a good first step.


caheidelberger said...

The enbed isn't working, but I viewed the video via its URL. Funny! (To fix, edit the post, switch from "Compose" to "HTML" mode, and repaste the embed code, see if that works!)

Kal Lis said...


I took your advice. It works when I hit view blog. Let me know if it still doesn't work

caheidelberger said...

There it is! Thanks!