Sunday, October 27, 2013

Does The Tea Party Want To Win On The Issues Or Does It Want To Insult Liberals?

Constant Conservative has a recent post entitled "The Common Core is about Power." I have no quarrel with the title. I agree that the Core is about established elites maintaining power. The post has a video of someone named Bill Whittle, whom I had never heard of, asserting that the Common Core will produce cookie cutter students. Again, I agree with the assertion. Whittle urges conservatives to look at the big picture and not elements of the standards that they find personally objectionable. Here again, I agree.

Whittle, however, seems more interested in tossing red meat sops to his tea party audience than he does stopping the Core. In fact he acts more like a stereotypical smarmy insurance or used car salesman than he does in making the case against the Core. Washington DC is a den of "scum and villainy." Liberals are stupid, and Whittle is so much smarter than anyone else. Throughout the video, Whittle seems more intent on skewing his political opponents than making the case against the Core.

Whittle's desire to place slime above substance and ConCon's proclamation that Whittle's video makes the case in "excellent fashion" prompts a simple question: does the tea party want to produce policy or does it want to skewer political foes?

The answer is important because there are issues including NSA abuses and the Core that could have broad support across the political spectrum. The recent NSA march in DC had both liberals and libertarians. It seems, however, that some tea party conservatives don't want to win. They just want to insult perceived political foes.

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