Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quotation Of The Day: Of Losers And Self-Righteousness Edition

There is a certain breed of gabber, generally white men who have over-indulged in the fiction of Ayn Rand, afflicted by a conception of life as a competitive game in which everything they have marks them as “winners,” morally entitled to sneer at the “losers” who aren’t big, bold, swashbuckling independent creators-of-their-own-universe. Indeed, the founding of the Tea Party Movement is generally attributed to a televised rant about “losers” wanting his money from one such swashbuckler named Rick Santelli, who I am sure emerged from the womb a fully autonomous Titan who has richly earned every dime he’s ever been paid by dint of his own unassisted efforts.
We presumably must just let these people luxuriate in their own puerile sense of superiority; perhaps they will depart en masse to Galt’s Gulch and rid us of their company. But contempt for broad swaths of humankind as “losers” should not be quietly accepted more generally, particularly from those who claim allegiance to the Judeo-Christian ethic in which nothing is more damnable than self-righteousness unless it’s the inability to see the image of God in the faces of others.

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