Monday, September 9, 2013

Plains Pops: Another Set Of Random Musings

1. I wonder why one of the few Republican office holders willing to acknowledge my existence in public wouldn't tell me who to vote for in South Dakota Republican primary for the U.S. Senate seat. I'd be more than willing to switch from Independent to Republican to vote in that election.

2. After spending the weekend at Speech Communication of South Dakota convention in Aberdeen, I am convinced that implementation of Common Core will decimate speech and debate programs across the state.

3. On a side note, SDDOE took a survey of high schools about maintaining a requirement that each school require students to take a semester of speech or debate in order to graduate. At the convention no one had heard any of the results. It's curious that it should take between 4 to 6 months to tabulate the results of that survey.

4. My final speech convention musing is a simple statement: I am very impressed with the young college professors who attended and presented at the convention. (At my age, they're all young.)

5. I may be more cynical than I should be, but I find it odd that President Obama is speaking to the nation urging an attack on Syria on the eve of a 9/11 anniversary. Surely, that speech could have been delivered last week. If I may play debate judge for a bit, this timing seems like an effort to have pathos dominate over logos and ethos in an irresponsible manner.

6. Situations like Syria remind me why I view myself as politically displaced. I haven't forgotten the hype that took the nation to Iraq. I didn't believe Bush II then. I don't believe that Syria is in our national interest now. I find it odd that there are more than a few Republicans who supported Bush II but won't support Obama merely because Obama's a Democrat. I find it equally disconcerting that more than a few Democrats are supporting Obama in Syria merely because he's a Democrat.

7. I hope to resume a more regular blogging schedule this week.

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caheidelberger said...

Still no survey results? Come on, DoE! Let's have some data!