Monday, September 23, 2013

A Minor Musing About Clothes And The Man

Joel Rosenthal created a bit of wind that blew around some dried cow chips when he misheard and then misquoted Stace Nelson. Roesenthal also caused no small amount of consternation when he opined that Nelson was not dressed properly for the event. Pat Powers also weighed in on the latter point today, making points similar to those I made when Nelson announced his candidacy.

I'll add a couple things to my previous post.

Folks who know me will call me hypocritical. I like wearing jeans and chambray work shirts. I resemble an aging hippie or a convict who escaped before orange jumpsuits became the standard. I'm also not running for the United States Senate. I understand voters allegedly want a candidate to whom they can relate; therefore, the "common person" approach is certainly in vogue.  I'm not a huge fan of relatability. I need to know the person South Dakota elects can command the respect of the 99 other senators or 434 other representatives. In that world, formal style is as important as substance.

Further,I know from personal experience that the problem with being big and ugly is that there's so much more ugly to go around. Nelson has the better of me as he is merely a big man. That caveat noted, Nelson should realize that most folks believe inexpensive big and tall clothes look cheap not thrifty.

I said earlier, I'm not a fain of relatability. Wisdom and discernment are more important values. In the case at hand, Nelson was apparently at a Western themed event. A little discernment would have shown there's nothing wrong with breaking out the bolo tie with an agate or turquoise stone decorating the slide.

I want to vote for someone against Rounds, but that person needs to show wisdom, discernment, and the ability to represent South Dakota's interests against folks who value the slick and superficial over the substantive. In short, Nelson needs to show he can beat the best of the East Coast establishment at their own game.

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