Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Minor Musing About Blog Tackiness

Bloggers make mistakes. We forget to run spell check. We cut and paste text and leave out important words when we paste. Sometimes we mess up fonts. Our design skills may be lacking. Most South Dakota bloggers have a day job, so one can be charitable.

Some readers are annoyed by ads. Certainly, ads and tip jars are frequently poorly designed. Still, if bloggers can earn a shekel or two for their efforts, I'm not going to judge. One can ignore the sidebar.

However, Gordon Howie, as is his wont, takes blog ads to a new low by mixing used car ads with a post's text. This practice is nothing but tacky and speaks to a certain level of desperation

Howie's Used Car Ads and Blog Text
No word about whether cars have flood damage

I feel a little better now. I'll go back to making my usual errors. I apologize for for any grammarians offended by my beginning a sentence with the word "however."

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