Monday, August 12, 2013

South Dakota Republicans Are Just Like National Republicans: Part 2

Ed Kilgore points to this Economist column that makes an astute observation that could apply to South Dakota:
In the eternal Republican dispute between sunny Reaganite optimism and dark, pessimistic rage [Cruz] offered a hybrid: sunny, optimistic rage, suffused with a clever blend of self-promoting pandering to the grassroots. Yes, America is being betrayed by a cowardly elite that includes many Republicans as well as Democrats in Washington, Mr Cruz essentially told the crowd. But America can still be pulled back from the brink and returned to its status as a shining city on the hill, thanks to the extraordinary power of grassroots citizen demands for change… as long as those grassroots demands for change are being channelled by someone with the guts of Ted Cruz, a new boy in town.
Judging by my Twitter feed and  posts or comments in certain quarters of the South Dakota blogosphere, one could replace the the name Ted Cruz with Stace Nelson. Nelson is a relatively junior legislator whose candidacy seems premised on the idea that he alone has the "guts" to do right by the grassroots who are demanding change. Further, he personifies "sunny, optimistic rage,"  and he delights at directing that rage at the South Dakota Republican leadership.

It's unclear whether Nelson has Cruz's stage persona, but Nelson's social media efforts have demonstrated that he's expertly created the "aw shucks, I'm just a good old boy who happened to be have been a U.S. Marine, but I ain't really nothing special" persona the South Dakota Republican base seems to love.


Stace Nelson said...

All the declared Republican candidates claim they will go to DC and fight the culture of corruption there, fight taxes, govt spending/expansion, fight Oabamacare, etc. Yet, the former senior legislator/governor, & other senior legislator have a record of doing exactly the opposite and of being the very establishment they claim they will fight.

My life of public service and my record of opposing the tax, spend, create more govt culture in Pierre, has "created" the image you speak of.

South Dakotans, and our fellow Americans, are looking for someone who will actually be who they say they are, fight the culture in DC, and who will actually be the peoples' representative instead of the special interests.

I may be the most Conservative elected Republican in SD; however, I am probably one of the least partisan. I am proud to serve the Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, (and "other") that make up the registrations of the great people in my district.

When I have had time, I have done my best to be available via social media & blogs, to everyone. I do not expect everyone to agree with me 100%, nor do I try and fool them into thinking I do with them. I do try and give them the respect they deserve, by letting them know where I stand on the issues.

Kal Lis said...

Rep. Nelson,

I appreciate your stopping by to leave a comment.

I have always appreciated your open comments in the South Dakota blogosphere, even though I believe that they may provide the basis of oppo research.

On a side note, I do wish you have more seriously considered a run against Representative Noem who seems to be of the same cloth as Rounds and Rhoden. She, however, seems to lack a certain political competence that the state's sole representative should have.

Stace Nelson said...

I wish I had more time to be as involved in such discussions on every blog. Folks deserve to know that their elected officials are engaged and keeping abreast of the issues affecting them.

My opposition will have to come up with something to distract from their voting records.. :-D

The last thing we need is another professional pragmatic politician going to DC for 6 years as a U.S. Senator.