Saturday, August 17, 2013

Rhoden Shows He Has Mastered Cliches

. . . .and that Stace Nelson's impending candidacy makes his rather pointless.

The Yankton Press & Dakotan covers Larry Rhoden's visit to their office. Rhoden's rhetoric does little to distinguish him from other Republican candidates. He recites the de rigueur talking points.
We’ve got to get back to the basics and the founding principles that made our country great: limited government, individual rights, personal responsibilities and (recognizing) you cannot spend more than you earn,” he explained during a stop at the Press & Dakotan. “We have strayed away from those principles, and until we get back on track in that regard, we don’t have much of a chance of fixing what’s wrong with the country.”
Republicans have been using those lines in that order since 1980. It would be refreshing if Rhoden were original enough to change the order of the cliches.

He also supports defunding the PPACA (Obamacare) and suggests there are "a lot" of alternatives. The specifics are rather light and limited to the magic words: "free market."
Rhoden says there are other viable alternatives to the PPACA.
“There are a lot of ideas and a lot of concepts, but the overlying concept is let the free-market system do its job in allowing for competition,” he says. “That’s been criticized by other people in this race as being counter-productive. But I think that’s a flawed philosophy, and I think the competitive system always works better, especially in the field of insurance.”
Like every South Dakota politician, he supports the corporate welfare laden Farm Bill. He also believes that food stamp provisions should be dropped from the bill. Once again, he really offers nothing new.

Rhoden seems to be running on the fact that he is an experiences politician who is not named Mike Rounds and a conservative Republican legislator who is not named Stace Nelson. A cynic might suggest that his campaign slogan will be "I'm boring but not plastic."


Anonymous said...

The fact that he's been voted into many leadership positions by fellow legislators is probably a good indication that he's anything but boring and must be seen as effective. I don't know how many years of his 13 that he's been voted into leadership positions but it's been many years for sure. I believe it started quite soon after his first exposure in the House.

Kal Lis said...

He may well be an effective legislator in chambers dominated by members of his party.

I don't recall having met Representative Rhoden, so I willingly concede that he may be a scintillating presence in caucus.

However, I stand by the assertion implied in the post. Rhoden said nothing in that interview that was not a regurgitated talking point. Such utterances are boring.

He seemed to be saying that one should vote for him because he has more experience that Nelson or Bosworth but is not quite as far too the right as they are. He is, however, further to the right than Rounds but doesn't have Rounds's experience or baggage. That's a small needle eye to thread when uttering cliches voters have heard since the Reagan ran in 1980.

I will also take exception to the notion that effective means one is "anything but boring." Many boring people are effective in the jobs they hold.

Anonymous said...

Then I'll just put the rumor to rest. He's definitely not boring... He's got a great sense of humor and lots of wit!

Kal Lis said...

I will take your word for it.

I look forward to seeing that wit displayed on the campaign trail or in future interviews. It wasn't shown in this interview.

Anonymous said...

An open mind. I like it!