Monday, August 5, 2013

Michelle Malkin Provides South Dakota Conservatives 'With A Model Of How To Confront The Common Core

I generally find Michelle Malkin shrill. I find her arguments in favor Japanese Internment Camps wrong on moral and intellectual levels. With that predicate, it follows I must say something good about her: she expertly uses the Bennett debacle to take down Common Core.

First, she takes on everyone, including the Core's corporate backers:
These good ol’ boys bonded over their zeal for the top-down racket known as Common Core. As I’ve reported previously, this Fed Ed program is supported by both big-business interests (Microsoft founder Bill Gates and News Corp. founder Rupert Murdoch’s education arm) and government educrats. Progressive activists in both parties have worked on nationalized standards, tests, and curricula for decades under previous names: outcome-based education, national school-to-work, Goals 2000, and No Child Left Behind, for example. Obama-administration bribery through “Race to the Top” greased the wheels for adoption of the Common Core program by cash-strapped states, many of which had more rigorous standards than the fed-imposed system.
She reserves some special venom for conservative astroturf organizations:
Bush’s foundation has now joined with the Common Core–peddling Fordham Institute under a new phony-baloney umbrella group: “Conservatives for Higher Standards.” While its list of supporters includes federal bureaucrats, politicians, and business interests, there are no grassroots groups of conservative parents or teachers. So beware of this “conservative” front. And remember: Astroturfing runs in the Bush family. Under George W. Bush, the federal Department of Education paid GOP mouthpiece/columnist Armstrong Williams to shill for No Child Left Behind.
Finally, she uses a personal touch to illustrate the big picture and show how Core and other corporate reforms violate conservative principles:
Cronyism and corruption come in all political stripes and colors. As a conservative parent of children educated at public charter schools, I am especially appalled by these pocket-lining GOP elites who are giving grassroots education reformers a bad name and cashing in on their betrayal of limited-government principles.
I'm not sure what I think of charters, but I agree that much of the Core and Race to the Top reform is about lining pockets. Too often, South Dakota conservatives attack Common Core by leading with an alleged U.N. conspiracy. Malkin shows that the there's no need to look for shadowy conspiracies when the corporate and political folk are engaged in obvious cronyism and cheating.

HT: Diane Ravitch


caheidelberger said...

I cringe to ally myself with Michelle Malkin. But I will on this issue. Good post!

Kal Lis said...


I cringed as I was typing. I may have some carpal tunnel syndrome going on as I forced the fingers to hit the keys.