Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Cast Iron Statue, A Liberal Blogger, And Irony

I had thought that the biggest irony I would encounter during 2013 would be my visit to the Birmingham, Alabama 50 ton cast iron statue of Vulcan, the Roman god of smith and forge. A visit to the gift shop revealed the souvenir statues were composed of plastic or some other non-metallic material. None were cast iron. I doubt that I am the only visitor to expect that replicas of a giant cast iron statue should be made of metal.

This little news item, however, may be even more ironic. On the day that Cory Heidelberger, one of South Dakota's most outspoken atheists takes Horace Greeley's advice and heads west, KELO reports that secular humanist reinforcements are on the way:
A national effort to reach out to atheists and agnostics is showing up on some South Dakota billboards.
The South Dakota Coalition of Reason says it's a group of seven non-theistic groups that used funding from its national organization and an anonymous donor to put up the billboards.
They're located in Brookings, Vermillion, Sioux Falls, Rapid City and Spearfish and will be up until Sept. 15.
I would have expected that South Dakota's remaining secular humanists would have worn black armbands today. Instead, they erect billboards.

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caheidelberger said...

Spearfish! Good choice for an office!