Friday, July 5, 2013

What I Learned At Debate Camp 2013

I spent the past week helping out at a debate camp on a campus in the 5th most livable small town in the country. The campus may lead the nation in construction activity. I should also note that the Twins lost every time I saw an  advertisement featuring a certain blogger while a game was being telecast. I know correlation doesn't equal causation, but the trend was troubling. I should also add that the sample size is pretty small, I saw only parts of two games.

The dozen policy debaters spent time working out positions to affirm and negate "Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase its economic engagement toward Cuba, Mexico, or Venezuela." The bakers dozen Lincoln Douglas debaters spent most of their time dealing with "Resolved: Compulsory inclusion of non-felons' DNA in any government database is just."

Listening in on a few lectures and talking with the young'uns about their cases reaffirmed the principle "simple ain't easy."

More importantly, it history has a long arm. The U.S.'s relationships with Cuba and Mexico have unresolved issues that go back more than 50 years.

Finally, an excellent lecture about performance debate, a form that most South Dakota coaches find anathema, provided an important reminder that passion, art, and literature speak in ways that statistics cannot.

Regular blogging to resume shortly

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