Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Country May Be Totally Screwed

I seriously hope that this video has been edited to make a right wing point about Obama, If it's an accurate representation of any gathering of citizens, it may well be time to buy a bunker.


M Larson said...

I think that this is a clearer sign.


Ken Santema said...

I don't think the results would have been very different in Bush's fifth year. The average voter doesn't seem to know and/or care about things like the Bill of Rights or what goes on in DC. Voter apathy is what keeps sending the same people to DC.

P&R said...

These "man-in-the-street" videos are always edited. The guy who supports Obama, but thinks this is totally loony won't make the cut and we have no way of knowing how many he asked in order to get these.

Here in Sioux Falls on the 4th they tried it with the national anthem. It didn't work so well - they had a hard time finding folks who didn't know the first verse.

That said, there are a lot of ignorant people who have been told it is their civic duty to vote.

I'm OK with folks not caring and not knowing, but then, please don't vote.