Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rhoden's La Mancha Moment

Larry Rhoden will apparently announce tomorrow that he will challenge Mike Rounds for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate.

I'm a fan of Don Quixote and David and Goliath tales, and this candidacy will have echoes of both. Perhaps, someone may make a Biblical allusion with phrasing like "out of Union Center cometh no United State Senator."

Rhoden claims he's not worried about the $9 million front runner Mike Rounds plans to raise. Rounds will probably have about a third of that total available for the primary. It's possible that Rhoden has an unknown financial Sancho Panza. If I were to bet an over/under, however, I'd bet Rhoden will have less than $1 million available for a primary challenge.

Rhoden may surprise. Perhaps, he has planned a series of ironic hipster web ads that put Jeff Barth's 2012 effort to shame. It's unclear, however, how Republican primary voters will respond to ironic hipster advertisements. Even if the South Dakota Republican party has a silent majority composed of hipsters, it's doubtful Rhoden will galvanize the right-wing base just because he's not Mike Rounds.

In short, West River windmills probably face more risks from a Rhoden candidacy than Mike Rounds does.

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