Thursday, July 11, 2013

Has South Dakota Politics Been Reduced To Pro Wrestling?

Pat Powers has published too many posts to link to postulating Rick Weiland is a placeholder candidate for a big name South Dakota Democrat not named Stephaine Herseth Sandlin. Yesterday, Cory Hiedleberger posted the thesis that Larry Rhoden is a heat shield for Mike Rounds.

I wasted too many years of my life watching pro wrestling; both theories remind me of basic pro wrestling story lines. The Weiland theory reminds one of the wrestler who has been given a title shot even though many fans believe him or her undeserving. The wrestler will suffer an injury, frequently under mysterious circumstances, and a fan favorite will get the title shot during a Wrestlemania 437 pay-per-view. It's story overused in wrestling and certainly won't work in politics.

The Rounds/Rhoden thesis reminds one of the classic situation where three rivals--Smiling Mike Rounds, Cowboy Larry Rhoden, and Stace "Sgt. Slaughter Was A Wimp" Nelson--are in heated rivalry until the Cowboy and the Smiling One engage in skulduggery to take out the Marine. Of course, pro wrestling has a second act that features the Smiling One turning on the Cowboy after the Marine's challenge has been eliminated.

Machiavelli was an optimist when it comes to human nature. I doubt the "most-politicians-are-noble-people-who-just want-to-serve" doctrine that many espouse. Politics in contemporary America is about power: gaining, protecting, and projecting. If "service" ever comes to mind, it's about serving those of like mind. That nature of power and the desire to possess it make it prohibitively unlikely that all of these nefarious games are afoot. More importantly, politicians can get a second chance for nearly every indiscretion known to humanity except revealing to the voters that the politician believes the voters stupid. Few things will make voters believe they're being treated like chumps than recycling pro wrestling plots.

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M Larson said...

I just wonder who the Dems Andre the Giant is supposed to be? It isn't going to be Daschle or Brendon Johnson in the House.