Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Tweet That Reveals That Stace Nelson May Have Missed The Point

Earlier this morning, David Montgomery reported on an "oppo drop" Team Rounds did on Larry Rhoden. Stace Nelson responded with the following tweet:

Nelson's tweet reveals a couple of things. First, Nelson has been performing an entertaining political version of the"Dance of the 7 Veils," but this tweet is the equivalent of wardrobe malfunction that leaves no doubt that he's running against Round, Rhoden, Bosworth, and anyone else for the Republican nomination for the United States Senate.

Second, Nelson has watched Bull Durham and listened to Crash Davis. He's been working on his cliches. This tweet has "tax," "spend," small government, a carefully phrased Rino charge, and "deficit," not bad for 140 characters.

Finally, Nelson's effort to preserve the illusion that he's still deciding about whether to run and his desire to use every base-pleasing buzzword he has available have caused him to miss the point. Team Rounds has been doing oppo research on the relatively quiet Rhoden and found dozens of votes to use in their effort to convince voters Rhoden is  not who he says he is. They likely have found some Nelson votes to use. Further, Nelson is anything but quiet, so the Rounds team has been combing social media and political blogs for poorly phrased tweets and comments that they can use to paint Nelson as an extremist or bull that brings down the whole china shop or a hot head who lacks the demeanor necessary for the U. S. Senate or something else that captures their political need. It'll take more than buzzwords to deal with the oppo reasearch hits he's going to take.


Troy Jones said...

Repetition of the same bromides takes a great deal of discipline or belies it is all you got.

Kal Lis said...

All I know is SD residents need more than bromides from their senators. (Great word choice by the way)