Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Plains Pops: The More Things Stay The Same Edition

I spent last week in Birmingham, Alabama judging some congressional debate and eating some good barbecue at a place called Moe's. The food was so good that I didn't even think about a Homer Simpson joke until two days later.

I came back to lots of humidity that I would have liked to have left behind and what seems to be the same news cycle I left.

1. Rick Weiland is still running an ineffective campaign.

2. South Dakota's conservatives are still looking for an alternative to Mike Rounds in the U.S. Senate race.

3. Congress is still unable to function. The young folks I judged are better speakers and legislators than the folks elected to Congress. They are able to debate and dispose of legislation far more quickly and logically than the folks in DC.

4. One quick prediction, the South Dakota conservatives will frame the effort to replace Tony Post as a struggle for the soul of the party.

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