Sunday, April 28, 2013

Will Agent Smith Make People Think Of Agenda 21?

I like pop culture as well as most. I also believe I get irony as well as most, but this GE ad makes me wonder if  GE is underestimating people's fears that "the nature of reality" might not be benign and their belief that they must constantly wage war to prevent "controllers" from destroying everything good and holy. The controller du jour seems to Agenda 21 or government gun registries

The Matrix is a pop culture classic; Agent Smith, the film's most iconic character, personifies the Matrix's controllers. The ad touts GE's ability to store medical data. If people believe Common Core will lead to a dangerous data registry, what are they going to think about medical data being easy to store?

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caheidelberger said...

Using The Matrix for this ad feels like blasphemy. A pox on the Wachowskis for allowing it.

The ad gave me exactly the uneasy feeling to which you allude. It's like having Darth Vader advocate building a a space station. The character is simply too evil, too representative of what can go wrong with our technology, for the ad to work.