Friday, April 26, 2013

Where Will The Next Great Conspiracy Theory Come From?

Apparently, Ron Paul's Institute for Peace and Prosperity may become the home of those who specialize in  twisting a single fact into bad theories about how the world works. James Kirchick runs down the roster that will staff Paul's think tank.  Among the intellectual luminaries eccentric people Paul has hired, two stand out. One considers Abraham Lincoln a monster.
. . . Walter Block, an anarcho-capitalist professor of economics and fellow at the Mises Institute. Like many in Rockwell’s neo-Confederate circle, Block believes that the wrong side won the “war against Southern succession” and blames most of America’s current problems on “the monster Lincoln.”
 The other has the conspiracy theory down to an art.
Southwestern Law School professor Butler Shaffer, in an article for Rockwell’s site titled, “9/11 Was a Conspiracy,” asks, “In light of the lies, forgeries, cover-ups, and other deceptions leading to a ‘war’ in Iraq, how can any intellectually honest person categorically deny the possibility of the involvement of American political interests in 9/11?”
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