Monday, April 15, 2013

Some Folks Get It; Brad Ford Doesn't

I don't have time to go line-byline through the surreal ramblings Brad Ford posted this morning. It's a Gordian Knot of illogic that either posits or yearns for some sort of racial conflict Therefore, discretion being the better part of valor, let's look at a single paragraph:
The Democrats can’t wait to extend their power base by bringing 11,000,000 new illegal immigrants into the voting system.  The 47% automatic voting block will ensure that future elections are unfairly rigged.  The Democrats hope that the new voters will selfishly pursue the welfare society and consumerist spending without giving a second thought to politics otherwise.
George Will, a conservative icon who understands the English language, elegantly provides a rebuttal on yesterday morning's This Week:
Every conservative sympathizes with what Jeff Sessions was saying about not rewarding law breaking, however, conservatism begins with facing facts. The facts are that of the 11 million people who are here illegally, two-thirds have been a decade or more, 30 percent, 15 years or more. They're woven into our society. They're not leaving. And the American people would not tolerate the police measures necessary to extract them from our community.
Therefore, the great consensus has to be on the details of a path to citizenship.
The most important thing Rubio said in your interview was, even if the system weren't broken, if you had no illegal immigrants, we'd still need to do something about this because we need the workers, as the baby boomers retire, and as the birthrate declines. We need something to replenish the workplace to sustain the welfare state [emphais mine].
Even though both decry a "welfare state," Will understands the political situation and gives the American people credit for understanding  reality. Ford, on the other hand, ...I don't know if any sane person knows what Ford is writing about.

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