Saturday, April 13, 2013

Proof Of The Debilitating Effects Of South Dakota's Brain Drain (Sort Of)

One has no choice but to be sorely disappointed in South Dakota's leading government officials. Unique among the 50 laboratories of democracy, the state has produced laws authorizing school districts to hire private pistoliers. Yet, no state official, not Governor Daugaard, not Attorney General Jackley, not Secretary of State Gant, not a single legislator has exhibited the creativity to come up with an a recruitment slogan to take advantage of South Dakota's unique accomplishment. No one has uttered a phrase that that can fit on a business card or bumper sticker to draw new residents

Texas, however, has produced a slogan: Texas, a state that talks big-- ". . . in Texas, the Second Amendment is right up there with mother, God and apple pie"--but in reality is all hat and no cattle:
Texas Rep. Dan Flynn, a Republican co-author of a bill allowing guns on college campuses, said opposition from public universities and big cities has so far kept the measure from coming to a vote. But the Legislature doesn't adjourn until Memorial Day.
 Texas has phrasing that can fit on a bumper sticker:
Bumper sticker from this Justin Green Post
If the state can't market its unique achievements poseurs like Texas successfully market their second-rate achievements,  perhaps South Dakota should consider fully funding the formula that determines state aid to schools instead of passing laws to fill the holsters of John Wayne wannabes.

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