Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Comic Book News That Saddens Me

It's Wednesday afternoon and a snow day, so I got to engage in a few geeky pursuits. lists 8 Marvel heroes who will never get a movie. Some, like Sentry, are totally unknown to the general public. However, seeing She-Hulk on the list bothers me even if the logic behind her inclusion makes sense:
2) She-Hulk
Seeing as the Hulk can barely get a movie even after Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner stole the spotlight every minute he was on-screen in Avengers, the chances of his cousin Jennifer Walters — who turned into She-Hulk after receiving a blood transfusion from Bruce — are pretty much nil. Besides, any rampaging monster-type stories they’ll want to save for Hulk, which leaves She-Hulk starring in comedy, such as her Marvel universe lawyer gigs. Unfortunately, that comedy would denigrate pretty much the entire tragedy of the Hulk (why does Bruce turn into a raging best while She-Hulk stays totally normal? Why does Bruce hate the Hulk, while Jen is completely fine being She-Hulk?), ruining a much more popular superhero. Marvel’s definitely going to concentrate solely on Hulk… whenever they decide to come back to him.
Still, seeing a 7-foot green woman who can smash things and serve as her own lawyer would make me want to see the movie.

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