Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Because Agenda 21 Is Rapidly Becoming Passe . ..

I'm not really a fan of Common Core. I think implementing the Core and the testing regime that comes with it will make it harder to teach students to appreciate good literature and think well. I clicked on this Mother Jones article hoping that some elements of the Right would make some common sense attacks on the Core. Alas, I was introduced to System X:
Last week, conservative talk show host and media mogul Glenn Beck decided to let his listeners in on what he dubbed "the biggest story in American history." It's called System X. "If you don't stop it," he warned, "American history is over as you know it."
As Beck explained it, a little-known Department of Education program, supported by rich philanthropists, business interests, and the United Nations, was turning public schools into the world’s next great data-mining frontier. Using carrots offered up in the 2009 stimulus bill, the federal government and its contractors could compile hundreds of points of data on your kids and use it for who knows what. The result: "System X: a government run by a single party in control of labor, media, education, and banking; joined by big business to further their mutual collective goals."
The gateway to this dystopian future, which Beck predicted would lead to some portions of the United States embracing Nazism, was President Barack Obama's controversial push for a new national curriculum known as Common Core. The conspirators are far-ranging. Rupert Murdoch is in on it. So is the American Legislative Exchange Council, Bill and Melinda Gates, and Jeb Bush.
A quick vocabulary lesson: Rupert Murdoch, Bush, Gates, and Obama are luminaries, but that doesn't make them members of the Illuminati.

On the plus side, DC is cancelling the TV show Young Justice; maybe they can combine Obama, Murdoch, and ALEC into the League of Extraordinary Bogeymen

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