Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Minor Musing About South Dakota Democrats' Resources And Priorities

Much has been made of South Dakota Democrats' dearth of candidates for statewide offices. See here or here or here or here. From the opposition, the idea is summed up here:
Make no mistake – Ben sowed the field, and now needs to prepare to glean the field for anything that hath sprouted, crop and barely surviving weeds. Unfortunately, the fact that Democrats haven’t planted a decent crop of candidates in years leaves them sorely lacking.
It strikes me that Democrats have to ask and answer two simple questions. Neither of those questions is, "Should Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin or Brendan Johnson be the Democratic candidate to fill the seat opened by Tim Johnson's retirement?"

Question one should be "What will best serve South Dakota?" I humbly suggest that removing Representative Kristi Noem from office should top that list. She has accomplished nothing. In fact, she's seems more irrelevant now than when she was first elected. No one can honestly make that claim about Tim Johnson, John Thune, or Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin; all grew in office.

I would hope that South Dakota Democrats would have resources to accomplish more than one goal, but for now, I'll keep things simple.

The second question should be "How can Democrats best accomplish those goals?" In the above example, Democrats need to find the candidate that has the best chance to defeat Noem, determine what resources the candidate will need, and then obtain those resources. I'd suggest spending a lot of time this year building some county organizations and working hard at the precinct level in Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

Other priorities may exist, and planning may be ongoing. Perhaps these discussions are happening  behind closed doors, but I haven seen neither evidence of planning nor the ability to execute a plan.

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