Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Minor Musing About Jobs And Salaries

Derek Thompson points to a Bureau of Labor Statistics chart showing employment in the largest occupations in the U.S.

Perhaps, I'm reading too much into it, but looking at these jobs and these numbers, two things stick out. First, too many people are stuck in the service economy.

Second, the chart illustrates why the alleged economic recovery has not trickled down.  The largest occupations also tend to be poor paying occupations.

According to the BLS, The mean average wage for retail sales is $25,310 annually. Cashiers earn $20,370; food service and preparation workers earn $18,720. Office clerks earn $29, 270. Waiters and waitresses earn $20, 710. Too many people are doing a lot of work for not enough money.

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Anonymous said...

Workers of the world unite!!!!!
Tongue in cheek maybe? or maybe not as the wealth continues to float to the top.