Monday, March 4, 2013

South Dakota Legislature Weighs In On Infallibility

I am a Protestant by temperament and tradition, but I am watching the events surrounding Pope Benedict's abdication and the search for his replacement with interest. The Protestant churches have much to learn from their Catholic brothers and sisters when it comes to combining the power of the Holy Spirit with the power of tradition and ritual.

When my Catholic wife and I discuss faith and practice, I save my best debate coach cross-examination questions to ask about the Assumption of Mary and papal infallibility. On the latter, I find no scriptural evidence that anyone can be seen to be infallible on any matter let alone matters of faith and doctrine.

Today, it seems more than a few South Dakota legislators want to extend the doctrine of infallibility to more than one man occupying the office of the Bishop of Rome.  The South Dakota House of Representatives concurred with the school pistolier bill  as passed by the South Dakota Senate. The bill will now be sent to Governor Daugaard.

In effect, the South Dakota Legislature has decided that some people with little formal training will be infallible in matters of guns and school shootings. Inherent in the logic behind putting more guns in schools is the belief that pistoliers will never err. They will never mistakenly shoot a student who is not armed. They will never miss if they confront an actual shooter. According to the logic behind this bill, the pistoliers will be infallible in matters of life and death.

I'm just a farm boy. I do my best to work out my salvation with fear and trembling. I don't claim to be infallible on matters of doctrine. I also don't trust those who have the hubris to believe that they will be infallible when confronting a school shooter.

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