Saturday, March 30, 2013

Quotation Of The Day II: Alleged Education Reformer Michelle Rhee Is A Hypocrite Edition

From Diane Ravitch:
In Tennessee, [Rhee] told the Nashville reporters that she is “a public school parent.”
For some reason, she prefers not to admit that one of her daughters attends an elite private school in Nashville that has small classes, lovely facilities, a rich curriculum, and experienced teachers; better yet, the students do not take standardized tests. (Rhee herself graduated from an elite private school in Toledo, Ohio, with similar policies and practices.) [Emphasis mine because Rhee is a testing for testing sake advocate.]
Why should she hide that fact?
Is it because she advocates that Other People’s children should have large classes, inexperienced teachers, merit pay, evaluations based on test scores, and nonstop testing?

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