Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gordon Howie Reads Mother Jones!

That's the conclusion I came to after reading this from Gordon this morning:
Republican Paul Ryan and others are promoting the idea of “vouchers” and “block grants” from the Federal government to individual states, allowing them to create their own “program details” for entitlements.
That sounds like a great idea, right? So what’s the problem?
Both parties seem to be ignoring the basic problem, which is taking the money from taxpayers in the first place.
Last evening, I came upon this Kevin Drum post on the Mother Jones site. Drum quotes Ezra Klein, hardly a conservative leader:
Every Ryan budget since the passage of Obamacare has assumed the repeal of Obamacare. Kinda. Ryan's version of repeal means getting rid of all the parts that spend money to give people health insurance but keeping the tax increases and the Medicare cuts that pays for that health insurance, as without those policies, it is very, very difficult for Ryan to hit his deficit-reduction targets. [emphasis mine]
Gordon Howie is repeating liberal riffs by complaining about Republican taxation in general and golden boy Paul Ryan's plan specifically. Is Gordon becoming a RINO?

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