Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Because Stace Nelson Told Me To

In a comment at the Madville Times, Nelson (R-19) writes:
The hypocrisy of a legislative closed caucus, by the party that has open government as a major party platform plank 5.13 , should be assaulted by every media outlet in SD. Until that happens, and changes are made, I am stuck with it.
I blog; I doubt I qualify as a media outlet. I will, nevertheless, trumpet Representative Nelson's complaint.

Because South Dakota's Republicans have a 53-17 advantage over Democrats in the South Dakota House of Representatives and a 28-7 advantage in the South Dakota Senate, the Republican caucuses function as the de facto legislature. The legislature's business should be done in public.

I am open to the claims that the parties need a place to discuss strategy if the minority party has a realistic chance to stop the majority. That's not the case in South Dakota. Until Democrats have a realistic chance to affect the outcome of a legislative vote, both parties should have open caucuses.

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