Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Minor Musing On Moral Failings

Over at Madville, Cory points to a letter to the editor from Representative Don Kopp of Rapid City. The local paper has not printed Kopp's missive, so I was unaware of it until I saw Cory's post. Kopp decries America's moral failings and quotes several of America's founders and General Omar Bradley.

Cory and several of his commentators castigate Kopp, but perhaps they misread Rep. Kopp.

I'm guessing Kopp like millions of others was reflecting on the 10th anniversary of the Iraq invasion and the on-going war that was started in part for WMDs that didn't exist and resulted in the incalculable loss of life. If one wants to look at the war's effect on the debt that will be passed on to future generations, at least $1 trillion of the debt comes from that war.

Perhaps, Kopp who I am sure is a good Christian man, is bemoaning the fact that his fellow Christians in Iraq are much worse off than they were under Saddam Hussein.

On the home front, the bankers who tanked the economy still have not been punished nor does it seem any will face legal sanction. The purchasing power of the wages of the average American has been shrinking for over 30 years. Some have suggested that those who are unemployed or underemployed should consider their involuntary "leisure time" a benefit and condemn those unable to get work for not utilizing such time effectively. Such a callous attitude seems indicate moral failing.

A well-connected elite in Nineveh would have the same sort of advantages in the economic realm that today's bankers and investors have. Cory's post pointed to Nineveh’s foreign policy arrogance. Surely, a well-read man like Kopp who is able to knowingly quote august Americans, is referring to injustices and moral failings such as these.

[Update and Correction]: This post originally identified Kopp as Koop. I blame dust on the bifocals.

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caheidelberger said...

Oh! You're right! Nineveh is in Iraq. I can't believe I didn't grasp Rep. Kopp's clear reference to our fatal imperialism. ;-)