Monday, February 18, 2013

South Dakota Is 7th Most Gay State In The US

Gordon Howie was disconcerted that South Dakotans were less likely to identify as conservatives than their neighbors to the north. I suspect this Gallup poll will make Gordon apoplectic. Based on self-identification, South Dakota has the 7th largest percentage of gay citizens. The state's 4.4% ties us with Massachusetts and is nearly a full percentage point higher than the nation's 3.5% average.


caheidelberger said...

Two wowsers for me on these numbers:

(1) We beat California and New York.

(2) Our neighbor North Dakota is at the very bottom of the list. What factors would make such a difference in two such similar states?

LK said...

I can't answer the questions you're posing here or on your blog.

If I am in a sardonic mood, I might contend that that there's a strong branch of Log Cabin Republicans who are flying under the radar here.

I would also posit that the West River Libertarians run a bit more Libertarian here than they do in ND. Perhaps no one in the Oil Patch will admit to being gay; that collection of individuals may well skew the sample.