Friday, February 1, 2013

I Seriously Want An Answer To These Questions

The Second Amendment absolutists are out in full force at Dakota War College. I have asked these questions in other forums but never got a direct answer so I hope some Second Amendment absolutists will give me an answer here.

1. Why are so many gun rights advocates willing to go after Hollywood and the manufacturers of violent video games? Is the Second Amendment absolute but the First Amendment is not?

2. I find stands against government tyranny commendable. Where were all of the gun groups when the Patriot Act was passed? That act has done more to endanger freedom than any gun law.

3. In the same vein, where is the outcry over warrentless wiretaps of cell phone conversations? The 4th Amendment still requires a warrant doesn't it?

4. I have heard some Libertarians scream about the fact that we are engaged in two armed conflicts without a formal Declaration of War, but where's the broader conservative outrage? In fact, where's the outrage over the standing army that the Founders expressly wanted to avoid?

5. Why do gun rights folks think people like me unpatriotic when we ask questions about the Patriot Act, warrantlesswiretaps, undeclared wars, or standing armies but want to avoid leaving a world where everyone can conceal carry?

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