Monday, January 7, 2013

Quotation Of The Day: American Exceptionalism Edition

From Daniel Larison:
If that is a short version of what American exceptionalism is, what is it not? American exceptionalism is not enthusiasm for global hegemony or an enormous military, nor is it a belief that the U.S. has a right or responsibility “to mold the world in its image.” There are ways to describe those ideas, but it is wrong and misleading to call them American exceptionalism. Americans may sympathize with other nations that desire to establish liberal and representative governments, and it’s conceivable that our government could occasionally assist them when there is good reason to believe that our assistance is welcomed and constructive, but the recent track record regarding the latter is so poor that the rest of the world would likely be much better off if it were not subjected to continued “molding” of this sort.

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