Saturday, November 24, 2012

Trying The Same Thing That Didn't Work, Only Harder

Wayne Lewis, a survivor of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression discusses the attitude that many during the Depression possessed:
“We always had hope that next year was gonna be better. We learned slowly, and what didn’t work, you tried it harder the next time. You didn’t try something different. You just tried harder, the same thing that didn’t work.”
That attitude seems remarkably similar to that of South Dakota's K-12 education community, a group that continually trusts the legislature and the governor to provide adequate funding. Every year, school boards and teachers get the same negative results. Each year, they continue to try the same methods that didn't work during the previous legislative session.

Most importantly, like the Dust Bowl farmers, the education community shows it knows how to work hard.; they work harder to use the same methods on the same legislators every year.

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