Monday, November 12, 2012

Quotation Of The Day: Why People Shouldn't Drink And Blog Edition

I have to blame alcohol for this Brad Ford post trying to explain why he believes "racial blending" to be evil and why those who question his word choice and ideas are Nazis. There's no logical reason a sober person could have for writing this post. It's so convoluted that it can't be taken as satire:
My observation that “Gay sex will prosper, racial blending will see a surge, women will be prominent in the consumer-driven workforce” was intended as a statement of fact, not of bias.   Do you really think that Americans are better educated or more intelligent than the Germans who fell for Hitler?
Social engineering doesn’t just happen by itself.  There also has to be effective enforcement.  The Nazis had the Gestapo and Goebbels–all public “officials”.  South Dakota has its left-wing blogs with conservative Republicans and liberal democrats now freely mingling.  A perverse circle jerk where demagoguery and political correctness hold court, unashamed.  Hello more white guilt and censorship.  Goodbye freedom of discussion.  Goodbye freedom.
There are no words to describe the total lack of coherent thought in these paragraphs or the whole post. Male, female, and transgendered Americans have all contributed to pernicious consumerism. Who these people have sex with is not a commercial question unless Ford is contending that all Americans are prostitutes. The connection that any of those issues has with one's race or ethnicity is even more disconcerting

Further, how does the fact that Democrats and Republicans "mingle" on blogs lead to an end of the "freedom of discussion"? How does questioning what Ford meant by "racial blending" in his earlier post or this post constitute censorship? Cory Heidelberger, Troy Jones, Pat Powers, and I all claimed that Ford has the right to express his confused and frightening racial views. Likewise, we all have the right to strongly assert our belief that those views should not become part of South Dakota's political mainstream.

Finally, comparing one's opponents to Nazis and using crude sexual metaphors to describe the consensus concerning the expression of confusing and disturbing ideas doesn't merit rebuttal. It simply proves that the person expressing those ideas has nothing important to say.


caheidelberger said...

Alcohol is the simplest explanation. The utter babbling of a child caught redhanded being naughty and trying to say anything to distract us from that is a close second.

LK said...

I'm a big fan of Occam's razor, so I'll stick with the simple.

Ford's a scary guy. He tripled down on the previous post.