Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Quotation Of The Day: Romney Tax Plan Edition

Romney wants to wage war against the rich in order to benefit the super-rich. Maybe his comment about not caring about the poor was actually benign.

From David Frum at The Daily Beast:
When Mitt Romney talks of capping itemized deductions at $17,000 to finance a cut in the top rate of federal income tax to 28 percent, he is talking about paying for a tax cut for the Porsche customer with a tax increase on the Porsche salesman. Both may be “rich” from the point of view of the typical American worker. But they are not rich in anything like the same way. . . .

A congressional staffer friend once joked that Congress spends its days “arbitrating differences between the merely affluent and the genuinely wealthy.” That may have once been true. But in recent years the merely affluent have begun to wonder if Washington has gamed the system to make their lives more difficult while showering perks on the genuinely wealthy.

Mike L., the software engineer, says that this country has never resented the successful.

That’s true. But nowadays it sometimes seems that the very most successful resent everybody else—starting first with the people occupying the rungs of the ladder immediately below their own.

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