Saturday, October 27, 2012

Quotation Of The Day: Baseball And Oral Interpretation Edition

I got to spend this morning in tab room trying to keep an oral interpretation tournament running on time, Tonight, I plan to spend some time watching the World Series, This description of the Detroit Tigers' legendary announcer Ernie Harwell combines the best of both parts of my day:
It all starts far, far from any stadium. There are no diamonds and no throngs of adoring fans—just a crackling radio hissing through a stale summer garage into air as golden-tinged as the dead, yellow lawn.
There’s a man’s voice: “He stood there like a house by the side of the road and watched it go by…and Thomas is OUT, for excessive window shopping!”
The voice is as thick as the greasy garage air, syrupy and mellifluous from decades of polishing.

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